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babies from new born
Special play areas for babies - All Staff Fully Qualified.
We are here to look after your babies every need. All staff are fully qualified. We have a room specially set aside as a play area for babies, cheerfully decorated, it contains a variety of toys and educational material that will help stimulate your baby's imagination and guarantee enjoyment.

Starting the learning process.
Your baby will be encouraged to explore the world through heuristic play and a variety of tactile experiences that directly help to increase communication skills vocabulary and visual skills. The basic building blocks for a future grasp of mathematical concepts will be put into place. We also encourage personal expression and your baby will be introduced to various painting and craft activities.

Focus on language development - Every Child a Talker.
Language development is particulary important with toddlers so we encourage them to practice linguistic skills, which helps them to increase their vocabulary and comprehension.

Exploring through using senses.
Through the implementation of play and fun, your child will explore the world via all five senses. For example, by investigating various items collected in special boxes and then inspecting, examining, questioning and talking about them with an interacting adult, your toddler will continue to develop his or her physical, cognitive, social, intellectual and emotional skills.