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Easing the transition to primary school.
As the children progress through nursery, they will be introduced to more and more pre-school activities and encouraged to use their independence and social confidence to ease the transition from nursery to primary school.

We encourage the children to bring home folders of their own work regularly, to which we add a résumé of each project, including thematic webs and an activities wheel. This gives you the opportunity to discuss topics and work with us and your child, helping to build confidence and understanding and bridging the gap between nursery and home. All children learn more successfully when they are happy and confident.

Our aim is to build self-esteem so that they can interact as members of a social group, for example:
learning to take turns
caring for one another
being aware of one anothers' needs

As they become more confident and able they will be encouraged to tackle more intricate tasks. Whilst we put great emphasis on learning and developing, we keep things in perspective, always putting your child's needs first. That means working at a pace that your child is happiest with.